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Common Applicable Décor Ideas

Wall, Kitchen, Garden and Events, even Toilet and Bathroom, are the most common and generic items we need to decorate well, whether school, home, office or industry, you need to care about these most useful and commonly used items to décor.

Common Decor Ideas - Image Credit Pexels

Everyday Use Décor Ideas

That’s why, in this article I am writing about these, you can read these all or just pick what you want to know more.

For a happy living and to keep yourself mentally fresh, it’s better to arrange and decorate your living place or workplace, at the least possible. Also, keeping clean all the things, and manage well to avoid quick damage.

Below is the list that we are going to discuss. Also, time to time I am going to link with related articles with more information and images to help you read and decide.

Common Décor Ideas Applicable for School, Home or Business

  • Garden 
  • Wall
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Aquarium
  • Event 

(Exterior Décor)


Home garden, at school, a front of office or industry, we can utilize any empty land to beautify naturally.

Terrace and Balcony Décor
A little or a spacious terrace or balcony may look beautiful if you take little initiative. Some flower pots, a table with a few chairs can create an environment to spend some quality time with open fresh air.

Attractive Rooftop Space Utilizing

Rooftop Decoration

Can make the Home more Attractive
If you have the opportunity to utilize the rooftop then you can do that. This will increase beauty. Flower and Fruit garden adding on top of the roof is a nice time spending place too. Café set up on the roof is not a new matter too.

Here are some ideas to consider,

Roof Top Decoration

Some more,

Aquarium – Personal hobby or Office additional or Business purpose
Colorful fishes are swimming in front of you while you have a cup of coffee, is a nice view. And to make the aquarium suitable for fishes, you can consider to decorate it with some items.
Aquarium decoration too.

A Big Wall is Perfect to Beautify

An empty wall may look nice. But by decorating with some wall furniture, painting and making it colorful is more appealing than empty total. So, it will not stand just as a partition.
Also, in general, or as common for a classroom, home, office or industrial building, wall decoration can’t deny anyway.
To manage the partition, you may read,

Wall Décor

Home, office or industry and any classroom or meeting room, wall decoration is applicable. So, if you are on decoration trade by any means, whether working in a company or going to write your blog, here you are with some ideas.

Get these free, just spend time on reading and observing the pictures.
Make your own notes for your next steps.

Some exterior Décor we all are going to Love.

Kitchen and Pantry

Even though, if you need to eat out of the home, still you need a kitchen at home with a minimum arrangement. Also, about pantry in school or business places, such as office or factory.
In ship or airplane also, it’s a part of the vehicle, as well.

So, we just need to know, how we are going to decorate and manage as the need, as where we need a kitchen or pantry.

There are many kinds of accessories are available, and you can fit them as your need and budget.

Bathroom and Toilet

This is one of the most important places we visit a few times a day, wherever that is at home, office or in a restaurant. Sometimes, we use public toilets as well by the roadside, Station or in a shopping mall.

In case, not clean and not well decorated, we avoid to use it, which becomes a health issue if continuously doing this, avoiding to use a toilet.

And, a bathroom for bathing, taking shower. To clean up before going out of home or after back home. And, the importance is not negligible.

Event Decoration

Any kind of party means a minimum decoration. Whether start living in a new home or launching an office or a Wedding event, we need to decorate.

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Office Party
  • Celebration 
  • Graduation Party Decoration
  • Valentine
  • Halloween
  • Mardi Grass
  • Coachella

Vehicle Decoration - Occasionally or permanent
Rather than factory decoration after a vehicle preparing to sell, we do décor car or other transport for different purposes. For example, at the time of a wedding, road show also, school bus.

Literally, while we talk about permanent vehicle decoration, you can think about a ship, ferry, boat or yacht, also, rail or airplane or aircraft, for example.

  • School Bus
  • Wedding Car 

Vehicle or Transport Decoration is common in our social life. By painting, using many kinds of accessories, also you can use natural or artificial flowers to make the car or boat to décor.

Decorating Lifestyle
School Decoration
Home Décor: Styling your Living Style
Business Decor Ideas


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