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Interior Decoration| 25 Best Examples to Add into Your Lifestyle

Anything inner part of a thing that we can say, interior and depends on that you need to design the inside part, Interior Decoration examples, a book, computer or mobile handset casing, home, office or a burger and cake, this is the simple expression of me besides definition by dictionaries.

Decorating Lifestyle: 

Considering Interior Design Scope and Opportunity

Literally, whatever we are using every day somehow we chose ourselves or by someone else. Some we can’t change but, still, some we can, those belong to us. A neat and clean, nicely arranged bedroom or reading table comparing to messy and dirty, which you are going to pick for you or for your guest?

So, decorating is just not the end of a matter, but a taste from inside.

And, that doesn’t need money. A taste of living well as much possible. Then, the other things come one by one as we move on. Let say, you move to another place from your home. You need to arrange some items by yours.

Some items may be arranged and provided by others, for example, the rental house owner.

Further, you are maybe starting a new job in home décor. Or, your new job is not related to designing a garden or office furniture. But, if you do take an initiative after you see a mess. And, you feel, need a change.

Your innovative initiative supposed to praise by the people.  And, you can help others to decorate their simple daily life, by decorating lifestyle.

25 Selected Sample Example of Interior Design and Decor

By the way, here is a long list of examples which may help you to be more innovative to decorate and design. You may consider this as a clue for you.

We will discover soon.

  1. Interior of Kids Colorful Book
  2. School Classroom Interior Décor
  3. Living Room
  4. Interior of an Office 
  5. Shop Decor 
  6. Inside of a Restaurant 
  7. Food – Inner side of Delicious Burger
  8. Home Kitchen
  9. Commercial/ Industrial Kitchen
  10. Kitchen Storage
  11. Refrigerator 
  12. Hotel Lobby Decoration Idea
  13. Apartment Lobby Décor
  14. Bedroom
  15. Bathroom Interior
  16. Inner Part of a Box/ Package 
  17. Closet 
  18. Cupboard / Wardrobe Inside 
  19. The inner part of a Piano 
  20. Coffee shop/ Restaurant Interior Design 
  21. Interior of a Yacht/ Ship 
  22. Inside of a Car
  23. Inside view of an Aircraft
  24. Inside of an Old Computer
  25. Garage Workshop/ Warehouse 

Indeed, in this article, including the rests of this blog, I am trying to bring the best I can. Whoever, you are, a going-to-be new designer and planning to enter in this field, or a new blogger, looking for ideas.

To be sure, you are most welcome to spend time and I encourage you to subscribe to get the latest post. However, you may share on your social network, if you like to.

Kids Colorful Book/ Flyer

Any child likes any colorful book, not only the outer cover but the inner part, every page. So, if you are going to engage yourself of book design and that for children.

As usual, you need to be innovative and need to study kid’s choices.

And, you will do better and many others.

Elementary School Education Bi-Fold – flyer
Image: Pinterest - - Elementary School Education Bi-Fold – flyer 

Color tone, images, and size of the pictures are your best consideration for a graphical majority book.
The same time, if you write too, then you know what to write and how to express. And, it’s an opportunity that you can create in this job crisis world.

School Classroom Interior Décor

Starting from preschool until adult school classroom interior design and décor need to be enough caring and result oriented. Depends on age and learning material, you can focus while decorating a classroom.

Image: Pinterest - - Wyndham Vale Primary School 

There are many examples that you can study to create your personal image in this field and trade.
More you study more you can upgrade, and the opportunity is quite broad.

The same time, you will be an expert for home, office, restaurant, and hotel too.

You can see the bigger market as an interior decorator if you spend time on little research and looking around you.

Apartment Living Room

Decorating a living with less furniture also looks nice. That you can see from the picture above. And, looks spacious as well. Some small pillows on sofas, live plants those are good for room and some wall pictures can bring the luxury look.

Apartment Living Room
Image: Pinterest - Apartment Living Room

Suitable wall paint and hanging lights can add comfort, for example

Interior of an Office

An office is for a few or more employees to accommodate besides the management meeting room or the CEO, manager’s room. So, depends on the people set up, need to arrange and décor the rooms as necessary.
Where a group of staffs are working in a big room and a single room for the higher official, certainly in different design and look. Also, about the customer care and reception desk.

MeUndies’ Los Angeles HQ
Image: Pinterest - MeUndies’ Los Angeles HQ

If you are the one responsible for décor an office building, you need to study the whole matter, what the office or business company deserve from you.

Color, furniture, and other accessories, all you need to ask and make a long list. Then check the prices before you submit your proposal. And, make sure you have all the hands and experts to work with you.

Shop Decor

Image - Floral Shop
Image: - Floral Shop

Inside of a Restaurant

The interior part of a restaurant or café need to be well decorated and the furniture must be arranged nicely. By keeping in mind ‘Specious’ even while a big crowd.

Interior Decoration of a Restaurant
Image: Pinterest - – Interior Decoration of a Restaurant

I’ve seen many, the place is big, but the furniture arrangement is congested and, fewer customers but looks difficult to move while want to go for the washroom and sitting back.

Food – Inner side of Delicious Burger

Foods need to decorate attractively and it’s the presentation of the outlook and the inner part, such as in the image above. From here you can guess from your own experience that not only the external look but the inner part too need a good design or décor. Whatever, that burger or a home.

Food Decor - Burger
Food Decor - Burger 

Home Kitchen

Every home needs to facilitate with a kitchen, and the design and décor depend on the size and demand. Somehow, as long as possible to cook and another is cooking in comfort and relaxation.

Home Kitchen
Image: Pinterest – Home Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen 

Industrial Kitchen Interior
Image: Pinterest - - Industrial Kitchen 

Kitchen Storage 

Kitchen Storage
Image: Pinterest – Kitchen Storage


Image Pinterest -  The Family Hub™ Refrigerator
Image: Pinterest -  The Family Hub™ Refrigerator 

Hotel Lobby 

Hotel Lobby decor with Luxurious Suspension Lamp
Image: Pinterest Community - Hotel Lobby decor with Luxurious Suspension Lamp

Apartment Lobby

Apartment Lobby
Image: Pinterest -  Apartment Lobby 


Bedroom with Forest Wallpaper "Hygge"
Image: Pinterest - – Bedroom with Forest Wallpaper "Hygge"


Bathroom with Sauna
Image: Pinterest –  - via – Arcely - Bathroom with Sauna 

Inner of Box 

Inner Design of a Box
Image: Pinterest – Inner Design of a Box


Inside Closet
Image: Pinterest - Closet

Staircase Closet 

Image: Pinterest – Cupboard/ Cabinet or Closet under Staircase

Piano Inner Hollow 

Hollow Inner of Piano
Image: Pinterest - – Hollow Inner of Piano

Cafe / Coffee Shop

Image: Pinterest Community – Interior of a Café
Image: Pinterest Community – Interior of a Café 

Yacht Interior Decoration 

Yacht Inside
Image: Pinterest - – Yacht Inside


2012 BMW M6 interior
Image: Pinterest Community - - 2012 BMW M6 interior 

Private Jet/ Aircraft 

Image: Pinterest Community – Interior of Luxury Private Jet
Image: Pinterest Community – Interior of Luxury Private Jet

Inside Computer Casing

IBM 5110 Portable Computer, 1978
Image: Pinterest - IBM 5110 Portable Computer, 1978

Garage Workshop/ Warehouse

Workshop Rack/ Shelf
Image: Pinterest - – Workshop Rack/ Shelf 

From these all examples you can choose the idea you want to learn more. This is just as a guideline for the beginner relating with design and décor. And, the field is quite bigger than I am demonstrating here.

The inner and outer part, both need to be attractive. You need to put your heart and feel as much possible. Slowly, you will adapt and, you will step into as an expert.

Whatever that is about your own personality or about anything you are developing or designing.

By focusing on decorating lifestyle, you can progress a lot in any field.


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