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Printing Ideas: Decorating & Designing (Physical & Online)

In case, you want to build up your career as a digital career or as a graphic designer then you may investigate each idea below. Maybe you are planning to work from anywhere, want to be an entrepreneur or want to collaborate with eCommerce businesses.

What I mean is, you may learn to design with some shapes and letters, then why not use these with a little more creative ideas in various fields.

Therefore, this post, Printing Ideas: Decorating & Designing (Physical & Online), we are going to talk about.

But, still, that is all about Graphic Design.

Just in case, you want to say that you don't know or don't know much. Let's see what you know.

For example, if you are familiar with a simple word processor such as Microsoft Word, you can start from there. Also, you can use Google’s online products, for example, Google Docs or Slide or similar.

Decorating Lifestyle: 

Designing Physical and Online Printing ideas

So, what are these dealing with Decoration, moreover with lifestyle?

End of this post, I will provide you some helpful links. However, some of those are my affiliate links,
I’ve separated from this main discussion.

However, here are the ideas.

  • Designing Flyer – Brochure
  • Poster
  • Card printing
  • Designing Book Page
  • Book Cover
  • Recipe Design/ Cook Book
  • Magazine – Publication
  • Clothing Design
  • Designing Wall Cover/ Wall Paper
  • Pillow and Bedcover
  • Packaging design
  • Banner Design
  • Designing Souvenir Printing
  • Designing Social Media and blog – your own place to market yourself

Designing Flyer – Brochure

You can start your designing career by designing a flyer and brochures. From newborn babies, such as for a baby shower, as the first book. For nursery and kindergarten school admission till travel and tour business-related flyer or brochure.

These can be as one or 3 folding or different as you can innovate.

Here are some examples in this post you can study.


You can design poster for many businesses and organization including schools and other educational institutes. Nursery, primary, middle or high school, also, poly technique, universities need to print posters.

Also, political, social or non-profit organization.

You can see, this market is also a wide field to explore and expand your career as a graphic designer. Fortunately, in this digital era, you can work from home or from anywhere as a digital nomad while traveling around your own country or around the world.

Even you can create online. There are many websites to support your career. You can start free and continue as a paid subscriber as long as you need it.

Card Printing 

To greet season and different kinds of occasions, still printed postcards are usable besides digital.
For example, name card, postcard, season greeting card, wedding, and birthday invitation card to name some of these.

Designing Book Page 

Every book inside needs to be nice designed and well decorated. Starting children book till story, friction, thriller or science. However, pictorial or more colorful depends or age group also depends on the topics of the book.

For example, higher medical educational books will be nicer with original color or organs or elements describing. While children's books are a must of colorful pictures and letters to attract kids to read.

Some examples you can find here.

Book Cover

As a graphic designer, you need to find a simple and meaning worthy cover for a book you are assigned to work on. Before looking at what is inside, we see the outer part of a book that is the book cover. If you visit a book store or library, or even online, you can witness the fact.

So, you are going to spend time to figure your concept about the book cover.

Recipe Design/ Cook Book

Maybe some of your online social media friends or blogger friends or maybe some people you know need your support to print or publish online, food or drinks recipe. Or maybe for the cookbook. As you know graphic design, you can do that.

What you need to do is finding some examples online or from a nearby library. Or you can visit a book store. Even not by investing money to buy any, you will have some ideas. But, it is better you buy some printed materials to keep on your desk.

So, while you are not on the internet and doing some paper sketching or draft, these will help you a lot.

Magazine – Publication 

Is it so difficult to design a magazine cover or the total magazine? For example, as a printed or online newsletter publication?

Supposed to be not. As long as you know how to design then nothing going to be difficult for you. Just try and make some samples and try to reach some people. Let others know by your social media accounts.

Also, you can create a blog as your profile and portfolio. So, you can give the web address to anybody you want. In addition, you can create social media business pages to promote free and, or paid.

In fact, as a graphic designer, you have a broad market.

Clothing Design 

T-shirts, tops or shorts designing is not a new matter. But, it is always a craze also, difficult to market. But, overall always there is a chance for some sales. Yes, you have to do your marketing and promoting, as well.

You can choose a theme or niche, also you can search online about the trending. Google trends come first to research. Get the idea, create your design. Print and sell, or help others sell.

While we are discussing printing, we can’t avoid the internet technology that has opened a new door to many graphic designers. Even armature or new learning is creating own crowd online.

You can take advantage of POD that means, Print on Demand websites. These well-established printing companies. And, you can set up your business directly with them, or on an eCommerce platform with all the necessary facilities you need.

Life is easier than before to work and set up a business online.

However, you need to know some technical and legal terms before you start. For example, about payment processor, legal business entity, terms of the eCommerce platform and other related matters.

Designing Wall Cover

This is another essential part, wall cover/ wallpaper. Also, tall and wide. From bedroom to businesses like travel and tour. Health services like hospitals, trains, buses, seaports or cruise ships, you can see large wallpapers, not only the small ones on the entrance door of a shop or office.

So, if you are a confident graphic designer, you can earn well. What you need to do is, make samples and show them. Utilize digital platforms. Social media, blogs, web, and forums are nice places online to promote and expose your creative to reach many people.

Pillow and Bedcover

Different sizes of pillow and bedcover designing also you can add in your portfolio. Search online for more ideas and create your samples.
You can work online. You can collaborate with some others who may need graphic designs from you.

Packaging design

To ship products need different sizes of packaging. We even need envelopes for postcards or invitation cards. And, you know graphic design.

Study some designs and get your ideas to sharpen. Make samples as many as you need and want. Let others know you.

Banner Design

For websites need a banner. Also, for storefront and for big advertising board beside roads. You can design them.

As a graphic designer, you have a lot of opportunities. Whatever, still you need to promote yourself to others.

Designing Souvenir Printing 

Pen, mug or some other kinds of accessories as for souvenir, you can design them well.

Designing Social Media and blog – your own place to market yourself

A lot of businesses are in need of social media, blogs, and websites. And, they need design.  For user interface or front end or presentation purposes, we all need design. That is including graphic design, idea, and concept.

As a graphic designer, you have a better concept and view than many others.

This part is with some helpful external site links. Read and study which you feel you need.
Affiliate Disclosure: 

Some of the links below are my affiliate marketing links of a few well-known brands, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you make any purchase by clicking on the link. The links will directly bring you to the respective company's sites.

By the way, if you like to set up a printing business, moreover internationally and you want to run your business from anywhere. Then you can do so.

What you need to do is, learn some graphic design programs, for example, Canva, Photoshop to design brochures, flyers or book cover, T-shirts, pillow cover or wall printing.

Then you can learn some animation and video from Offeo, Crello as you will promote on social media. Finally, you will need a POD, which means Print on Demand such as Printful, Printify, Teespring), that is Print on Demand software and printing company, you will work with that.

It’s a good marketing idea to use blogging as a media. You can choose free hosting at the beginning.  Blogger or WordPress you can think about. Get a domain and set up with your blog.

There is a lot of free stuff to read from these CMS and, from the above-mentioned platforms.
End of Affiliate Links.

Fortunately, it's very simple and in a few easy steps, you can integrate Printful or Printify with Shopify.

Finally, you will need an eCommerce platform, for example, Shopify.

To conclude, I can clearly tell that learning graphic design is not a waste of time. Have fun. At the least, you will develop your creativity, possible to lessen anxieties and also, you can increase your concentration capacity.

So, it’s ok if you plan to learn slowly.

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